Dan Hicks Mixing

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Dan Hicks Mixing will bring your music to the next level!
Welcome to Dan Hicks Mixing!
Dan Hicks is a freelance mix engineer with a unique style, drawing influences from electronic and experimental music in a way that makes sense to the popular music market and the mainstream music consumer.  He has predominantly worked with bands and singer/songwriters but enjoys a wide variety of music. Because of this, he can contribute valuable creative ideas when mixing any genre of music. Dan's proudest mixing achievements to date are; The Strongheart EP by The Strongheart Project, Shell of a Heart by Sarah Kinloch, Holy by Josh Thorpe and Paul Knowles' cover of Comfortably Numb. All of which, excluding Comfortably Numb, he also mastered.

Why choose Dan Hicks Mixing?
Dan provides outstanding audio services and is easy to work with, is highly knowledgeable and professional and always listening to your ideas. Dan started working with audio seven years ago and has a 2:1 degree in Popular Music Production and a Pro Tools 110 certificate. He will also make organised backups of all your projects to keep them safe and will meet your deadlines following as many revisions as you or your client wishes. Audio stems and are accepted via any file transfer provider. If you would like to check out his work, just click "Portfolio" in the top bar and have a listen.

Drop an email to [email protected] or phone 07742408562 to get in touch.

Dan is also available for live sound work and non-musical projects such as spoken word, audio restoration and advertising.

Vinyl digitising and audio restoration now available!